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Salwar Kameez - Fabulous Ethnic Indian Salwar suit Styles for Women

These Salwar Kameez Fabrics Are The Lifeline Of Indian Wardrobe:

Salwar kameez are one of the most popular and well-loved ethnic garments in the world. They have been worn in India for many centuries and are much appreciated for their comfort, versatility and flattering look. It is made up of three separate pieces: the salwar or the loose pants, the kameez or the long top and the flowing dupatta (scarf).

As this outfit is worn across India and has a long, ancient history, there are many varieties from different parts of the country. It has also been adapted into new and innovative forms by designers, resulting in a fabulous variety for women to choose from.

One of the main distinguishing factors is the use of diverse salwar kameez materials. The type of salwar kameez material chosen is crucial to determining the over-all look and feel of the outfit and can even end up dictating if the salwar suit can be worn for casual wear occasions or formal events. This is why many women opt to buy unstitched salwar kameez material and then get it tailored and cut according to their own tastes and preferences.

Another advantage of getting salwar kameez fabric unstitched is that it allows women to create an outfit with the exact color combination, size and designs that would suit them. Whether it is the unstitched salwar kameez fabric women are choosing, or a completed outfit off-the-rack, they should carefully consider a number of factors such as the purity of the material, colors and designs before making a final decision.


Origin of The Salwar kameez:

The shalwar and kameez were introduced into South Asia after the arrival of Muslims in the north in the 13th century: at first worn by Muslim women, their use gradually spread, making them a regional style, especially in the historical Punjab region. The shalwar-kameez is a widely-worn, and national dress, of Pakistan.

Origin, History & Styles of Salwar Kameez:

The Salwar (also pronounced as Shalwar) Kameez is a traditional outfit that originated in the Indian sub-continent. To be precise, it is also known as the Punjabi suit, as it is the traditional dress worn by Punjabi women. The outfit, primarily, consists of a pair of trousers and a tunic (kameez) and this ensemble is usually paired with a dupatta. The Shalwar Kameez can be worn by both men and women. However, with this particular outfit that women wear, there has been a lot of transformations and alterations of style over time. Today, women wear different variations of the traditional Salwar Kameez.


The Salwar Kameez is believed to have originated in the Mughal era, where the outfit used to be a combination of a tunic and loose pants. One of the most popular styles of Salwar Kameez during that era was the Anarkali suit. It was considered to be one of the most opulent forms of garment in the market. The Anarkali suit is characterized by a long kurta that flares out from under the waistline. It had a lot of rich embroidery work and was always considered synonymous to richness and grandeur. Many Mughal courtesans and members of the Royal family used to wear Anarkali suits because of their strong Persian influence.

This influence is still carried on and today, we can see Salwar Kameezes in various styles and forms. It is the garment that is worn by majority of the Indian women, to casual as well as formal events.


How to Pick the Right Salwar kameez:

  • Learn what the time of the event is

It is important to keep in mind the time when the party is going to be held, as it will help you choose the right color for it. For instance, if it is a daytime event then you should go for pastel shades because these colors can make you look happy and cheerful. Some of the popular pastel colors include sea green, sky blue, ivory, white, pastel yellow, and many more. Salwar Kameez in these colors looks elegant. In case, it is an evening party, you should focus on dark colors like deep red, maroon, navy blue, golden, silver, deep yellow, brown and of course, black.

  • Amount of bling depends on the type of party

Bling or embellishments on salwar kameez make the attire look gorgeous. By choosing a party salwar kameez with embellishments, you can attract undivided attention of other guests. Nevertheless, the type of party you are to attend will decide the amount of bling you should have in your dress.

If it is a casual family get-together, reception or an informal party at a friend’s place then you could wear heavily embellished party salwar kameez. Modern designers make use of gota, silver/gold cords, sequins, pearls, and shiny threads to create beautiful embroidery on the kurta and salwar. For formal parties, the amount of embellishments comes down a bit. The patterns in which they are made are horizontal or vertical, which adds a touch of professionalism to the outfit.

  • Know what your body type is

Salwar kameez is available in different styles. The biggest advantage of this fact is that women with any body type can look attractive in this dress. Stand in front of the mirror learn what the shape of your body is. Do you have a small waist with hips that measure same (or close) as your bust? You have an hourglass body shape. Fashion experts say that women with this body shape can wear salwar suit of any style. Since your figure is striking, you should let the fabric drape your body closely.

If your tummy area or hips are heavier than your shoulder then you possess a pear shaped body. Go for A-line or any style that is not tight around the buttocks. In case, your shoulders are sturdier but your waist looks slimmer in comparison, then you have an apple shaped figure. Salwar Kameez that provides volume to the waist like frock suits and Anarkalis would look good. You could also choose an outfit with a jacket.      

  • Select prints/motifs according to your body shape

There is no limit to type of prints available in salwar kameez. You could go for an entirely printed kameez. With such a kameez, mostly the salwar comes in a plain color. The look creates a nice illusion of height. Meaning, if you are short height then such a combination can make you look taller. For tall women, you do not wish to appear that tall, they should go for printed salwars. Prints/motifs could be scattered over the entire kameez or remain concentrated on select areas like the borders, sleeves, necklines or the middle.

Scattered prints create a dazzling look and are best for informal parties. Motifs in embroidery using pearls, stones, rhinestones, gota, colorful threads, make the kameez shimmering. You could even get the salwar studded with such rich motifs. On the other hand, concentrated prints/motifs help in creating an impression of slimness and height. Vertical prints can make you look both taller and slimmer. The smaller prints/motifs are the taller and slimmer you would appear. For creating an illusion of bulk, slim women should choose bigger prints/motifs placed horizontally over the kameez.

  • Choose the fabric carefully

You need to select a comfortable fabric as per the season. The requirement becomes even more important if the event is going to be organized during the summer months in open air. Fabrics like cotton, poly cotton, and net offer ample breathability. If the venue of the party is a banquet hall, or someone’s residence then you need not depend so much on the fabric for comfort. You could choose chiffon, satin, silk, velvet, organza, polyester, etc. For best results, do not go for clingy fabrics if you are slim. Choose the ones that provide volume to the body like organza and velvet. Alternatively, if you are on the bulkier side, you should select fabrics like satin, silk and polyester. They drape around the body snugly showing off the curves elegantly.

  • Experiment with different types of salwars

Not many women pay attention to the salwars, as it remains obscured by the kameez. However, with a salwar, you can modify you look immensely. Baggy salwars like Patiala salwars will make you look shorter. Hence, short women should not go for them. In case, you are hooked on to a Patiala Salwar Kameez because of its stunning look, then you should definitely wear heels so that you do not look stubby. If you do not wish to give any impression of being short, you should select churidaar salwar. It clings to the legs and makes you look taller by a few inches. Tall women would look best in Patiala salwars, dhoti style salwars or in conventional heavy pleated salwars. In all cases, salwar in a lighter shade than the kurta is recommended. 



What is salwar kameez?

Salwar kameez is the Indian attire that comes with salwar and Kurti or kameez. You will find a dupatta or chunni in its set, which adds flow or layer to it. These are available in many different styles, work, colours, and fabrics, which allow you to dress up according to your personality and occasion.

Which fabric is comfortable for salwar kameez?

The most comfortable fabric for salwar kameez is cotton. Since India has a warmer climate, cotton helps you to survive the summers. Cotton salwar kameez is perfect daily wear attire. However, every woman has a different comfort level, so she can herself define the ideal and most comfortable fabric for the salwar kameez.

What should I wear with salwar?

Salwar should be worn with a kurta, Kurti, and a top. It will give a traditional touch with the Kurti and kurta and a western touch with a western top. However, most of the women choose it with Kurti. It will make a perfect salwar kameez combination and suits the lady of every age, height, and body type.

What is the difference between salwar and churidar?

Salwar and Churidar are two different styles of bottom wear paired with Kurti. Salwar has the loose-fitting, whereas churidars with the tight-fitting look. The salwar is considered as pyjama and has the perfect length. Churidar looks like leggings and is slightly longer for crinkled effect near ankles.

How to take care of salwar suits?

Salwar suits are found with different works and fabrics, so you always read its label and take care of it accordingly. You can clean and iron it from time to time. However, if its fabric and work is delicate, then get it dry-cleaned. Use hangers to hang them in your wardrobe to maintain their age.